Waste management is usually perceived as a necessity to eliminate a problem, quite never as an opportunity to give another life to what we have decided to stop using …

We, at Wheig, believe that the life of the products does not end when we decide to throw it away but rather go to another cycle by way of re-cycling or transformation.

And … we believe that we should respect the nature of these objects that have been part of our life and treat them respectfully rather than brutally : separation, recycling, composting or digestion-then-energy production >> new life, new usages and no burning, crushing or dumping.

Also, we try to understand local communities and build with them medium-size Units because sorting, recycling, composting / digestion have to be done with utmost attention and only through human size Units.

These ideas have accompanied us all along the design and the development of our project in Thailand where, with the cooperation and support of our partners and customers, a first Unit is being commissioned in 2019.