Wheig founders cumulate 50 years experience in project set-up, follow-up and operation through 300 plants on the 5 continents. Fields of expertise lie mainly in water management, energy, transportation and waste/biomass.

For the waste sector in particular, they have taken care of more than 100 projects with energy valorization of the biomass (municipal, animal, vegetable…).

Wheig benefits from the feedback of these experiences and the willpower of the founders to go beyond the current status in the isolated and fragile locations. The concept is to develop projects that bring together economical, environmental and social aspects in order to propose adequate solutions for such isolated and fragile sites that have been so far overlooked and where current methods are problematic.

Bertrand Courcelle

Bertrand Courcelle’s extensive experience in biomass treatment (MSW, animal & vegetal biomass) acquired as a result of innumerous projects in all parts of the world, from start-ups and IPO(initial public offering), to international groups : “This project was born from the challenge to find out appropriate technical and economical answers to environmental and societal considerations in overlooked areas”.

François de Montfort

Involved in 300 projects in water management, transportation, waste and energy. Today, these experience and expertise are put together to develop in emerging and developed countries an activity where economical, environmental and social aspects are strenghtening each other.