Mega Bangna


Progress : Stage 3/4 >> Implementation – Commissioning

The Project initiated in 2015 through conversations with the Mega Bangna Management (a JV between Ikea and the Thai Group SF Development) over a ‘better treatment’ to the waste generated in the Mega Mall than the current one (dumping in a ‘not so sanitary’ landfill); these discussions conducted to the signature of a concession contract in 2016 and a commitment by Wheig that, altogether with a saving on the current waste treatment price, the waste would be sorted, recycled and re-used .. not dumped and contaminating the neighborhood.

In addition to Mega Bangna, conversations initiated with Big C and Tesco Lotus with the same proposal for a better treatment .. at a cheaper price. Initial conversations started also in 2015 but the final contracts were eventually inked late 2018, illustrating the fact that ‘non core’ business negotiations with big Organizations can drag for some time.

In parallel, all crucial steps for the implementation of the Project have been completed :

  • identification of a suitable local partner and conclusion of relevant agreements : 2016
  • identification and purchase of land for the project: 2017
  • filing and award of required licenses: 2017-2018
  • design & construction of the plant : 2017-2018
  • purchase of mobile equipment (trucks, containers, loaders) : 2018
  • purchase of core equipment (sorting line, WWTP, biofilter) : 2018

and the Plant is currently under final testing and ramp up process.


Installation and operation of a waste treatment and valorization Plant under BOO, developed under Wheig control and assessment.

Key Indicators:

  • Feed :
    up to 60,000 Tons per year of mixed waste from Shopping Malls and Centers (including food courts)
  • Output :
    • recyclables (paper & cardboard, plastics, glass, metals ..)
    • RDF
    • compost
  • Partners:
    • Co-Investor : Focus Development Ltd
    • Design : Wheig
    • Construction : Focus Development Ltd
    • Waste providers: Mega Bangna (a JV between Ikea & SF Development) / Tesco Lotus (subsidiary to Tesco UK) & Big C (formerly a subsidiary to Casino from France)
    • Recyclables : Wongpanit
    • Compost : local farmers
    • RDF : local cement plant and in particular TPI
  • Others :
    • Investment : over 6 million USD
    • Project under BOI (Board of Investment of Thailand) Agreement