The company is present in several regions to ensure its development.

Today, potential projects are numerous, located on all continents, with various and different caracteristics, for private parties or public entities.

The successive steps of development of our projects are as follows :

  • Step 1 – (ID) : Identification and Description
  • Step 2 – (SPD) : Studies, Preliminary Design and Local Permits
  • Step 3 – (IMP) : Implementation of the project
  • Step 4 – (O&M) : Operation and Maintenance

Although quite active initially over several regions in the world (namely Latin America, Indian Ocean, the Pacific and South East Asia), the Company has ultimately decided to concentrate its efforts in South East Asia, and in particular in Thailand where it is to commission its first Project in Bangkok (Q1 2019).

Indeed, the constant fall of energy prices have lead the Company to reconsider developing Projects in countries where the transformation of waste into electricity was the only revenue associated with the transformation of waste : in-take prices are, at the moment, just not enough…

Hence the decision to go to markets where waste can be sorted, recycled and generate revenues from the sale of recyclables (plastics, paper, cardboard, glass …) and the composting of organic waste (when it becomes too costly to bio-digest organic waste to generate electricity .. than cannot be sold at an acceptable price.

In Thailand, today, an active market of recyclables by-products has been the key driver to the Mega Bangna Project as described below while, in other regions, weak energy prices and low (if not inexistent) market for recyclables or compost have led to the decision to put valuable Projects on hold – such is the case for New Caledonia, Peru or Chile.